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Community Update - 27 January 2017

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Demolition Derby
Demolition Derby - Community Update
Written by Miss Blue

Hello there!

First of all, I hope you all had a joyful New Year and Christmas.

As you may have noticed, somethings have happened here at Demolition Derby.

We've stepped over to a new home page designed by ToM (Who also created the old home page).

With 2017 being here, we decided it was time to give the home page a facelift to be more in check with the standards of 2017.





You will have noticed that the UCP currently is in a state, where it cannot be accessed.

We have decided that with the new home page, it was time to update our entire PHP installation. We jumped ahead to PHP 7.1 which is the latest version available.

With this, certain functions that we used in the UCP's code, no longer functioned and caused many errors in which we decided that it's time for a new UCP.


You may wonder why, as not long ago the UCP received an update. The reason for this is: The Demolition Derby framework.

With the new UCP going in place, using the new and updated functions in PHP 7.1, we have decided to create an entire framework for the UCP to work with.

This for you, the one using the UCP means you will enjoy a far more stable, responsive and faster UCP.

For myself, the one updating the UCP, means I future-proof the UCP and make it ten times easier to maintain, update and implement new features.





Death Run


We've talked about Death Run before, and many are still waiting for it to be released.

With everything going on, Death Run has been put on a temporarily hold until we can sort out the current issues with the server, that appeared when going to the latest MySQL Plugin available.

However, have no fear as Death Run is still planned and certainly has not been discarded.





The Server


As you will have noticed; Phase 2 has been released. Now this isn't the end-of-life for Demolition Derby.

Version 1.1 is already in full development and is scheduled to release soon. Version 1.1 will bring exciting new features, bug fixes and stability increases.


Thank you for reading this!
Kind Regards,
Miss Blue.

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