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Donator Rules

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Demolition Derby - Donator Rules



Keep donator chat a friendly place.
Donator chat is ment to be a normal chat only visible to Donators, but is still affected by normal server rules.
Any foul language, offensive behaivor, griefing or insulting language will be punished.
The punishment for this may be a mute or a kick. Continued offenses will result in losing your access to donator chat.


Donator MVP Anthems [songs]
The donator MVP is the recent addition to the donator features. The donator MVP is to play a 15 second long song that you like to be played when you win a round. However, songs that contain racism or abusive language ment to upset the other players is not allowed. Annoying songs like the "MLG Sad Violin" is also not allowed.
At first, we will kindly request you to change the song. Continued offenses will result in losing the ability to use the Donator MVP song.


Donator MVP Anthems [song Names]
When using a Donator MVP Anthem, we kindly request to include the original song artist(s) and song name for legal purposes.
If the MVP Anthem song name is missing, the script will automaticly prevent it from playing.
If you entered the wrong song name & artist(s) we kindly request you to change this to the correct information.


Donator Car Text
Donator Car text has been re-enabled in V1.5 Final. When using Donator Car Text, we request you to keep your text friendly & mature. You are not allowed to use any offensive, insulting & racist text.
 At first, we will request you to change this text. Continued offenses may lead up to removing your access to cartext or even a permanent ban.


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