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Co-Owner GenOBrien

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Name: Sean "GenOBrien" O'Brien




Location: USA,NJ


Job: prep cook at restaurant



Interests: Video games, girls(brunettes are my weakness and if they are cute), and music



Now about me: I am really nice and chill type of person till you annoy me. Then I become your worst nightmare. Start a fight with me and it will never end well. I aint afraid of you and your stupid threats against me.



Moderator style: I like to sit back and let people sort out there own problems. I will step in if I feel they need my help finish it.

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Time for me to update this topic.


As you all we Heartfire has been looking for a new co-owner to help run this server. She didnt pick me at first for personal reasons. Sadly after the failure of the past few co-owner, she turned to her staff for some help. Most of them said me. Since i pay the bills and been with the server since it first started. So I will accept this position and do best to make this server great. You guys and girls come first, i will make sure to listen to all your idea and help out when i can.

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