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Demolition Derby - July Newsletter

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Demolition Derby - July Newsletter

Welcome to Demolition Derby's july newletter.

So what's been going on lately in Demolition Derby? Well, alot. Alot of good things and some bad things happend past month and this month. While i'll keep the introduction brief.. If you are interested, read the entire letter!

School restarting and current player base

As most of you already know, school has started again, and this is reflecting on our player base. We've currently noticed a massive decrease of daily players, but school is not the only one to blame.

I admit, i've made a stupid move with making the server switch IP's and not notifying our players.

This caused a drastic drop in the player base and the server was moved back to its old IP.

While we are currently still struggling with our player base, our server listings are coming back online and we'll be advertising soon on the SA-MP forum! Hopefully, this will give us our proud player base back.

The administration team

While we have struggled to get active, fair and dedicated administration, this problem should be resolved.

We've currently enlisted 3 new moderators which where a very good bet to take on. We've noticed an increase of daily moderation actions and crowd control.

The Head of Administration

The rumors are true!

The HoA (Head of Administration) team has been disbanded.

Everyone agreed upon the fact that such a team was not needed in this community and it caused more harm then good.

Therefor, the entire HoA team has been disbanded.

Donation Gateways

Alright alright, we get it! You guys want more gateways to donate!

Your prayers have been answered. Demolition Derby is going to accept mobile donations.

Be warned tho! The fee's on mobile donation are greater then using PayPal.

Levolution & Achievements

As you most likely already noticed, Demolition Derby is gone insane!

With the uprising of levolution, we offer you the best and most dynamic gaming experience you can ever have.

With levolution, we allow you to make maps dynamic and change while the round is in progress.

Bored of the same static map design? Why not smash a carrier right up the beach head to ensure that "Holy f*cking shit" moment.

Achievements are a recent addition to the server where you have to perform certain things to unlock these achievements. While we won't spoil the surprise, you can expect a great system from this!

Current development

Demolition Derby is going under great development, however. Both developers are currently occupied with personal lifes and two new servers soon going to be joined with demolition derby.

Therefor, we are currently lacking in rapid updates and new levolution maps but rest assured!

A general update will soon arise for demolition derby!


In conclusion, I would like to thank the community, the administration team and the development team for the countless amount of hours that they have spent assisting in the improvement of the community. I'd like to thank the players especially for standing by Demolition Derby no matter how hard times have been for us recently, you stood by us and continued to derby and saw us through our hard times. We went through a tough couple of months but you pulled together, stronger than ever before and now we're back on the road, the road to improvement. July has been the start of a new era, a new Demolition Derby.

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