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Forum Rules

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Demolition Derby - Forum Rules



Please respect all members, no matter what their age, race, sex or forum rank is.
We wish to keep the forums a friendly place for everyone, with no insulting and / or bullying.
Failure to do so will result in your posts being deleted. You may also serve a temporary ban.


Do not spam the forum with useless posts or that are unrelated to the topic.
This will make it harder for users to read trough the posts.
Any posts or topic considered to be spam will be deleted.


Avoid double posting
Please use the edit button provided. If you accidently double posted, please inform an administrator and they will fix it.
The post will be deleted.


Keep your signature within reasonable size.
It takes longer for people to scroll down and increases the load on the forum.
 You will be asked to remove your signature. Upon refusal, the administrators will remove them instead.


Respect and listen to all the Moderators & Administrators on the forums.
Keep in mind that they are here to help you and in turn they deserve to be treated with respect. 
Failing to respect admins will result in a temporary ban of your account.


No advertising for other websites or servers.
As a SA:MP server it's more or less obvious that we do not accept any kind of server advertising on our forums.
Advertising will result in a temporary ban of your account. Persistent breach of this rule will result in a permanent ban.


Do not post any explicit content nor link to it.
This is not a porn/gore site of any kind. Therefore no posting of explicit content is allowed.
A violation of this rule will lead to a temporary ban. If you persist, you will be permanently banned. 


Do not post warez or any other illegal content on this forum.
We do not support illegal content, so don't do it.
This will result in the topic's removal and you will be permanently banned from the forum.



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