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  1. I liked the old forum and plus it will save us money.
  2. Looking Pretty good (:
  3. Didn't you already introduce yourself awhile back duck lol.
  4. Congrats Gen
  5. Would be a nice feature Hazard to be added to the ucp for admins.
  6. Winners of the Red Vs Blue Team is Blue Team which consisted of Dask - Art_KillYou - [NMC]Jigsaw - Tru510 Losing Red Team Consisted of rnw3089 - Lukenstein - AngryShadow - YOYO Crowned Winner of DD Champion Congratulations to Art_KillYou Winning The 2015 DD Champion I wanna thank everyone who participated in the 2015 winter event, It was kinda hard on me since my bro Angelofdeath wasn't here, but i think i did alright. Until the next event who knows what i will have planned. Again thank you everyone. Sincerly, rnw3089
  7. Due to shortage of members I have decided to move the winter event to the 16th of january - 10am EST. Mapping Contest is still live so submit your maps.
  8. Alot of us have worked hard for our score, but dderby isn't gonna be around forever as we all move on with our lives sooner or later. I guess we could reset the score system in rebirth phase 2 and make it much harder to earn ranking points.
  9. (The Winter Event & Mapping Contest Has Been Set For December 31st 2015) We have all kinds of fun set up for you to enjoy, New maps coming for the event include real sumo final, battle of the tanks final, mouse hunt final, hydra flight vs hunter flight, hide and seek v2, david vs goliath v2. Gonna have team red vs team blue like last year and also DD Champion 2015, Also all map testing is gonna be suspended until december 31st so you all can help us test the new maps that is submitted. All maps submitted for the mapping contest will be judged on the following below. 1.) Creativity 2.) Hard work 3.)Alignment (Following Judges will be the ones who scores the maps) 1.)rnw3089 2.)Gen0brien 3.)Nitemar 4.)Tru510 5.)Angelofdeath Mapping Contest Consists of 1st through 3rd place. 1st place: 6 month free donator 2nd place: 3 month free donator 3rd place: 1 month free donator 1st tournament will be Team red vs team blue IT will be a normal derby match. 2nd tournament this tournament will be a little challenging it will consists of mini games it wont only be derby each round will be different 1st round will consists of a tank battle 2nd round will consists of a hunter flight battle 3rd round will consists of a hydra flight battle 4th round will be a derby match 5th round will also be an derby match (special rules for this one) the player with the most wins will be the DD champion. more mini games will be played at that day if u guys are coming that day please post on the topic also if u have more ideas for that day please tell us i hope to see you guys at that day thanks for reading
  10. Winter 2015 Mapping Contest Hi everyone my name is rodney, I am known in-game as rnw3089, But for the old and new members, We here at dderby will be doing another mapping contest this year TBA. 1st Place: 6 Month Free Donator 2nd Place: 3 Month Free Donator 3rd Place: 1 Month Free Donator (Judges will be announced at a later time, so please keep checking back)
  11. Very nice to see myself on the little bulletin board. Menu looks beautiful & the background sweet.
  12. Been wondering what happened to you months ago, Glad you back with us, but remember one thing stay the f**k outta trouble this time.
  13. I miss alot of the old players that doesn't play anymore including bboldt.
  14. So many great memories at crash n burn derby, good times and bad times. I met alot of great people there that still plays here.