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  1. I wish everyone have a wonderfully Christmas and New Year. Spend Time with your family. There gift maybe not great but its the thought that they put in it that counts. May the New Year be a fresh start for you PS Dont Drink so much booze
  2. Either post it in this thread or pm it to use
  3. give me 250 screenshot
  4. Anyone who helps will receive something. It may include a few extra points after the score reset (max is 100 points), Steam game or steam gift care (less then 20 bucks and your choice), If you play csgo then a csgo skin. The list goes on and on and on. We are not sure what to give until we see how many help out.
  5. hi Gen,,,Server is down,,Maps bugged right now


  6. Our preys are with you
  7. Welcome scrub
  8. Welcome to the team.
  9. We love our pet duck. i keep in the pound outback
  10. Time for me to update this topic. As you all we Heartfire has been looking for a new co-owner to help run this server. She didnt pick me at first for personal reasons. Sadly after the failure of the past few co-owner, she turned to her staff for some help. Most of them said me. Since i pay the bills and been with the server since it first started. So I will accept this position and do best to make this server great. You guys and girls come first, i will make sure to listen to all your idea and help out when i can.
  11. it seem fine to me. Just something seem to be burred. like setting for music and stuff.
  12. From everyone here at Demolition Derby, We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe and spend time with your family
  13. i say no. People work hard for there score. I do see the problem tho. With all the recent events people are stupid high and nearly impossible to catch up. its a tough call
  14. Good Job. this attract peoples to register more
  15. Awesome