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  2. As for the forums/website: -The "Tournament" tab dosen't function properly anymore. -Clicking the the TOP SCORERS tab in the website come back with an error. Server: -Mode "Bouncy Cars" dosen't function properly on the map "The Airport" by [NMC]Molor ((That may be my internet though, needs to be double checked)) -The Board in the garage after the map ends gives false information Survivor: Gazan1287 ((Which isn't the survivor)) Leaders: Many people with 0 score. -Map "Killed or be Killed 8" by dosen't work anymore ((Easy to fix imo, Just need the green light from you )) That's all that I've noticed during my recent gameplay in Demoltion derby, If any problem occurs I will make sure to post it here.
  3. I'm going to make this sweet and short <3. We're aiming to bring back Demolition Derby as we all once knew it, but in order to do so: We'll need input and feedback from the community. Please, reply below with any issues you may have come across ever since "The Rebirth" was launched, and any suggestions! Thank you.
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  5. Demolition Derby - Community Update Written by Miss Blue Hello there! First of all, I hope you all had a joyful New Year and Christmas. As you may have noticed, somethings have happened here at Demolition Derby. We've stepped over to a new home page designed by ToM (Who also created the old home page). With 2017 being here, we decided it was time to give the home page a facelift to be more in check with the standards of 2017. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The UCP You will have noticed that the UCP currently is in a state, where it cannot be accessed. We have decided that with the new home page, it was time to update our entire PHP installation. We jumped ahead to PHP 7.1 which is the latest version available. With this, certain functions that we used in the UCP's code, no longer functioned and caused many errors in which we decided that it's time for a new UCP. You may wonder why, as not long ago the UCP received an update. The reason for this is: The Demolition Derby framework. With the new UCP going in place, using the new and updated functions in PHP 7.1, we have decided to create an entire framework for the UCP to work with. This for you, the one using the UCP means you will enjoy a far more stable, responsive and faster UCP. For myself, the one updating the UCP, means I future-proof the UCP and make it ten times easier to maintain, update and implement new features. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Death Run We've talked about Death Run before, and many are still waiting for it to be released. With everything going on, Death Run has been put on a temporarily hold until we can sort out the current issues with the server, that appeared when going to the latest MySQL Plugin available. However, have no fear as Death Run is still planned and certainly has not been discarded. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Server As you will have noticed; Phase 2 has been released. Now this isn't the end-of-life for Demolition Derby. Version 1.1 is already in full development and is scheduled to release soon. Version 1.1 will bring exciting new features, bug fixes and stability increases. Thank you for reading this! Kind Regards, Miss Blue.
  6. I wish everyone have a wonderfully Christmas and New Year. Spend Time with your family. There gift maybe not great but its the thought that they put in it that counts. May the New Year be a fresh start for you PS Dont Drink so much booze
  7. hello are u from india

  8. Demolition Derby - A Community Wide Message Written by Miss Blue Hello there! It's been a while hasn't it? I'd like to start off with apologizing for my lack of presence towards the server and community. It's been a wild ride so far and other priority's forced my attention to be removed from Demolition Derby; but I was always there; watching in the dark. With this; I'd also like to thank the entire Administration Team and Co-Owner GenOBrien for their undisputed dedication and care-taking of Demolition Derby during my absence; Thank you guys! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The future and Phase 2 Many times; I have thought about shutting down Demolition Derby, however it's always been the amazing support from you guys that have prevented this and it's now made the future clear of Demolition Derby; It's here now and it will stay to last. With Phase 2 seeing completion there is also something going to be done very differently and this is; The server will return to first launch. Yes; you heard that right. Demolition Derby Phase 2 will return the server to day #0; First Launch. The server version will be reset to Version 1.0 and all score will be reset (Which would've been reset anyway due to the new score system). This way; we can proudly say that Demolition Derby has received it's Rebirth! With the server returning to first launch; we will also ensure the most flawless experience that we can give you; using the experience gained over the course of running, developing and administrating Demolition Derby. Thank you for reading this! Kind Regards, Miss Blue/Heartfire.
  9. Vote has been concluded. The forum is being set-up, to avoid any inconvience.. You may already link your account to the forum using this; This will link your ingame account to the new forum. We sadly, cannot convert this forum to the new one.
  10. Hello! I just noticed that phase 2 has almost been in development for a year now. Phase 1 was released at 23 October 2015 and it's almost October 2016! While undoubtedly, I did take a small break from active development to plan out the future and road map for Demolition Derby, we where also waiting on the new UCP to be designed. And now, Phase 2 is a complete re-write from Phase 1 (Yeah, we messed up some code in Phase 1) and coding the new UCP is time consuming. The new UCP uses none of the old code and is all re-written from the ground up. So what takes so long for me to release phase 2? With active developing the new UCP together with phase 2 on my own, is a very time consuming process, that I do in my available time. Sometimes I work on it for 10 hours in a row, while the other day I can only dedicate 2 hours before I have to go. This is the reason why Phase 2 is taking so long, because it's a time consuming process to make sure we get everything right and release a flawless UCP and server update. Have no fears tho, phase 2 is around the corner and will be released soon! And it's something you definitely wanna stick around for to see. Take care and much love, Heartfire!
  11. I agree the old forums were good and less money-consumer. But the current forum has more to offer, I kinda think this one is more handy and easy to use *not saying the old one wasn't* but after all it's your choice. Good luck
  12. New message when you successfully edit or revise a map:
  13. DAMN! looks amazing
  14. By far the most popular request, the new map editor! Enjoy!
  15. I liked the old forum and plus it will save us money.
  16. I personally am in favor to return to the old forum for multiple reasons; but mostly it's the ability to actually create nice looking posts, which are near impossible with IP.Board. We'll lose some posts, yeah, but I can recover those via PHPBB and changing who posted the topic, overall for me Upsides > Downsides
  17. Should we return to the first forum we used? The first forum is more customizable in terms of plugins and posting.
  18. Hey all! I haven't been updating the Community as much as i'd like regarding the process involved around Phase 2. I can say that it's still being worked on, and is in active development, but we have now reached the slowest process of the entire update, which is bug fixing. While bug fixing is going fine, it seems two new bugs appear every time I fix a known bug, but hey.. I guess that's what the CTE Is for correct? The bugs discovered/created while fixing bugs from Phase 1, are already fixed, so Phase 2 will be one of the first bug-free releases. The new UCP is also coming along very nicely and is making good progress! The UCP and Phase 2 will be released hand-in-hand and the tournament will happen shortly after phase 2, so stay tuned in! If you have any questions or wish to know more about Phase 2 or the new UCP, just reply down below! Regards, Heartfire.
  19. How to change my Login Text? i asked alot but they dont give me a usefull Answer

    Can you help me?

    1. Heartfire


      You need to be a donator.

    2. JustinXD!


      but my Login text is :Welcome Bitch :D" i thought i am the only one who can see it

      Now every one is Making fun of me when i login :/


  20. HeartFire Someone Changed my Pass and i cant get In Game right name who did it? and how can i change it back?


  21. May you respond to my Ban Appleat Topic? 

  22. Fixed in Phase 2. (V1.6)
  23. When having the purple haze mode during the round, the screen goes shaky as it's supposed to be. After the round ends, the map-voting screen (or garage) is still shaky, it's not that major bug but just to increase professionalism and reduce problems.
  24. Hello there! First of all, sorry for the lack of updates and my general presence towards the Community as the Server Owner. I've not forgotten about you all and we're still very busy on Phase 2 and the new UCP (Which is an absolute blast!). Now onto the main subject; It has come to my attention where DAC (Demolition Anti-Cheat) has started to ban for false reasons based on incorrect value's. I've already located the issue but I cannot release a fix without uploading a part of Phase 2 which would end horribly. Therefor; EVERY person banned by DAC will be unbanned as of now. Administrators:You hereby have temporarily authorization to handle DAC bans if I am not available, all members banned by DAC should be unbanned if they submit an unban appeal. The faulty code inside DAC is quite severe and therefor every appealer will be given the benefit of the doubt.
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